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Hey, I really really love this tumblr! I was just wondering if you're still planning on really writing this out? Seven books is after all a lot of commitment and I've seen very few people set out to do this series thing and none (so far) have finished it yet. I'd just really love to see one ^~^ (also, for Punzie's dramatic haircut in the plot chronology, are you planning on it being the same length as in the movie or it being longer?)

Ah, no, when I set out to work on this blog, I have to admit I was a little short sighted in terms of how much I’ll still enjoy the fandom after all my other fandoms have come back! Also, factoring in work and my furthering studies hustle and bustle, I don’t think I can commit entirely to doing all 7 like the books. HOWEVER! I have now shortened the plan to random scenes and scenarios throughout their years. If possible, chronology-wise. 

The unfortunate thing is that I write slow and I am an artist first! :( So there will be a lot of waiting. Sorry ;;

(as for the punzie haircut thing, since I’m now planning random oneshots, I’ll write a bit of things leading up to that frustration, and finally the hair cut itself, and then the fall out after)

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Hey I like your ideas, but I have my own stories too. Your very talented and skilled

Thank you. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the AU! :) 

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I think your ideas are fun and new, And Hey! Who knows one day you could spread to most of the world! Hope you do much more of these!

I was wondering if I should get to writing a short thing on their House Sorting, actually, since everyone constantly asks me about the thought process I put into it! 

Thanks for the vote of confidence, and sorry about the late reply :’)

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Hello, I have one question, if you would be willing to provide some insight! I know the fandom consensus is generally Huff/Claw for Rapunzel, but I have always seen her as strongly Gryffindor. As bookish and imaginative as Rapunzel is, her thirst for adventure and self sacrifice seems to be valued above all at the core of her being. Given that, if I'm not being too rude, I was wondering if I could gather your insight into why Claw over Gryff?

Hello! No, you phrased your question pretty politely! I don’t mind giving my insight :)

I don’t think Rapunzel is really that into adventure; the entire movie of Tangled has her wanting to “see the lights”, because she feels they’re significant, as they always happen on her birthday.

I wouldn’t say she’s self sacrificing either, because there weren’t really anything to support it? She stays in the tower because she was loyal to her mother, but as you can see during her internal fight, it didn’t make her stay in her tower forever; so we can’t say she’s self sacrificing for the sake of Mother Gothel. She only did a proper “self sacrifice” for Eugene/Flynn, but if you look at it, her situation was already pretty miserable. It was have Eugene die, and her forever struggling to fight Gothel off (with no guarantees of a successful escape), or save Eugene and go with Gothel quietly (maybe plan an escape secretly). Might as well save a person, right? 

I feel Ravenclaw would value her imagination and artistic skills more than Gryffindor would. I’m not saying its not possible for Rapunzel to choose to be Gryffindor, and perhaps in someone else’s headcanon universe, she’d boldly make a decision to go to Gryffindor. But here, the reason why she’d accept the Hat’s decision to put her in Ravenclaw, known to many as the house that values brilliance and creativity, can give her a bit more confidence in herself. 

I think a life of being put down by Gothel has got to be a bit of a spirit dampener, cheery as Rapunzel is! (perhaps the bit where Gothel says Rapunzel isn’t very bright or her sarcastic lines that ‘Rapunzel knows best’ struck a chord in me, and I felt like she needs a boost in self worth)

did that make sense? I’m not if its coherent, my thoughts are kinda everywhere all at once x’D Let me know if I should clarify anything! 


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Remember this? Its for ueansajile who requested very nicely to see it finished, and since I had some spare time today, I finally did! 

I had to fix a million things in the process of finishing this (don’t get me started on how many times i repainted Jack’s face) but I’m glad its done.

admiral-lypten replied to your post “Should Elsa be from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?  Durmstrang would mean…”

From what I understand, Frozen takes place in Denmark (or somewhere in Scandinavia, Denmark doesn’t have very high mountains) so to me Durmstrang makes more sense.

Location-wise, Durmstrang seems to be the best fit, indeed. And their heavy winter uniforms would have been a great guise for Elsa’s ice powers! Still tho, Beauxbatons would also make sense.

Their education and their standards is befitting of a princess, and I feel that people with eh, more money would rather send their children there rather than Hogwarts or Durmstrang. 

Merida was almost sent to Beauxbatons by her mother, but her insistence to stick with her best friend won out!

cloaksnidget3745 answered to your post “Should Elsa be from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?  Durmstrang would mean…”

I thought Durmstrang was an all boys school. Besides I think Elsa would fit nicely at Beauxbatons.. :)

I’m pretty sure Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are co-ed, just that the movie made them all girls and all boys respectively. Well, I’m not entirely 100% sure that Durmstrang is co-ed (maybe only 60% sure..), but Beauxbatons is! 

Its a tie, but it still seems to be leaning in favour of Beauxbatons! 

Hello! I am big fan of your works, and I hope that you may inspire others through the (rather destructive) feels that you give them. Your AU is amazing, btw. Excited to hear your fics! :D Also, your art is perfeeeeeeeeect. Seriously, I ran out of words. XD

Ah thank you for the adorably kind words! Hopefully I can get back fully into this blog and churn out more art and story I’ve planned out. Fic writing is still a very slow process for me (writing doesn’t come naturally, I’m afraid…)

But I am very thankful for followers that continue to stick with me despite my six month long hiatus! 

Should Elsa be from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang? 

Durmstrang would mean from further up north, meaning cold weather yay! But Beauxbatons uniforms would suit her more. 

what do you guys think?

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I found your art on DA and fell in love. I recommend adding in, at least, Elsa, from Frozen. I don't know if you ship her with Jack, but I think it would be perfect considering the Hic and Rapunzel have significant others and I believe that Jack and Merida are too alike to actually work out. I see Jack's softer side whenever I think of him and Elsa. Because she is so weak (read: scared of her powers) and refuses help, but I think she would accept his help, as they are so similar. Just a thought.

I’m glad you found this from there, then! :)

I do ship Jack with Elsa, but perhaps not as seriously as I ship Rapunzel with him. I’m not sure, its quite new, and when this was all planned, Frozen wasn’t even out yet! If I do fit Elsa and Anna in, it would probably be with the other outside characters during the Triwizard Tournament. 

Perhaps from Durmstrang because they’re further up north? Tho Beauxbaton uniforms reminds me more of Elsa’s dress.

I’m still gonna try and keep shipping to a very minimal level, so hopefully if anything it will allow everyone to ship who they want to ship. Hic and Punzie may have their own significant others in their own universe, but putting them in this one and giving them a whole set of different circumstances could change that. The focus for this verse is their friendships, anyway! 

I saw that you had a headcannon that Elsa and Anna were Jack and Rapunzels kids. May I use that in my fanfiction? Please? :)

Erm, go right ahead! That’s not really my headcanon, milady666 drew this out and I just fell in love with the idea :’) 

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Out of curiosity, after Jack's spell backfires on him after his encounter with Pitch in the forest, does Jack lose his memory?

For a while, yep! He regains it after a while.

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Hey! So I recently found a picture of yours on google images/ a rotbtd harry au pic and posted it on my blog without crediting you because I didn't know you who drew it. But I asked in the comments for people to let me know who drew it so I could credit the original artist. Basically, you have very awesome followers because within 24 hours I got seven messages all telling me that you were the awesome artist! The credit has been given, but I thought I would let you know. Have an awesome day!

Ah, thank you! Sorry for getting back so late, I’ve been on a ROTBTD hiatus due to.. reasons. Many of them.

I really do have the nicest followers :’)