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Remember this? Its for ueansajile who requested very nicely to see it finished, and since I had some spare time today, I finally did! 

I had to fix a million things in the process of finishing this (don’t get me started on how many times i repainted Jack’s face) but I’m glad its done.

admiral-lypten replied to your post “Should Elsa be from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?  Durmstrang would mean…”

From what I understand, Frozen takes place in Denmark (or somewhere in Scandinavia, Denmark doesn’t have very high mountains) so to me Durmstrang makes more sense.

Location-wise, Durmstrang seems to be the best fit, indeed. And their heavy winter uniforms would have been a great guise for Elsa’s ice powers! Still tho, Beauxbatons would also make sense.

Their education and their standards is befitting of a princess, and I feel that people with eh, more money would rather send their children there rather than Hogwarts or Durmstrang. 

Merida was almost sent to Beauxbatons by her mother, but her insistence to stick with her best friend won out!

cloaksnidget3745 answered to your post “Should Elsa be from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?  Durmstrang would mean…”

I thought Durmstrang was an all boys school. Besides I think Elsa would fit nicely at Beauxbatons.. :)

I’m pretty sure Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are co-ed, just that the movie made them all girls and all boys respectively. Well, I’m not entirely 100% sure that Durmstrang is co-ed (maybe only 60% sure..), but Beauxbatons is! 

Its a tie, but it still seems to be leaning in favour of Beauxbatons! 

Hello! I am big fan of your works, and I hope that you may inspire others through the (rather destructive) feels that you give them. Your AU is amazing, btw. Excited to hear your fics! :D Also, your art is perfeeeeeeeeect. Seriously, I ran out of words. XD

Ah thank you for the adorably kind words! Hopefully I can get back fully into this blog and churn out more art and story I’ve planned out. Fic writing is still a very slow process for me (writing doesn’t come naturally, I’m afraid…)

But I am very thankful for followers that continue to stick with me despite my six month long hiatus! 

Should Elsa be from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang? 

Durmstrang would mean from further up north, meaning cold weather yay! But Beauxbatons uniforms would suit her more. 

what do you guys think?

lilredreadslots whispered:
I found your art on DA and fell in love. I recommend adding in, at least, Elsa, from Frozen. I don't know if you ship her with Jack, but I think it would be perfect considering the Hic and Rapunzel have significant others and I believe that Jack and Merida are too alike to actually work out. I see Jack's softer side whenever I think of him and Elsa. Because she is so weak (read: scared of her powers) and refuses help, but I think she would accept his help, as they are so similar. Just a thought.

I’m glad you found this from there, then! :)

I do ship Jack with Elsa, but perhaps not as seriously as I ship Rapunzel with him. I’m not sure, its quite new, and when this was all planned, Frozen wasn’t even out yet! If I do fit Elsa and Anna in, it would probably be with the other outside characters during the Triwizard Tournament. 

Perhaps from Durmstrang because they’re further up north? Tho Beauxbaton uniforms reminds me more of Elsa’s dress.

I’m still gonna try and keep shipping to a very minimal level, so hopefully if anything it will allow everyone to ship who they want to ship. Hic and Punzie may have their own significant others in their own universe, but putting them in this one and giving them a whole set of different circumstances could change that. The focus for this verse is their friendships, anyway! 

I saw that you had a headcannon that Elsa and Anna were Jack and Rapunzels kids. May I use that in my fanfiction? Please? :)

Erm, go right ahead! That’s not really my headcanon, milady666 drew this out and I just fell in love with the idea :’) 

simpleesocks whispered:
Out of curiosity, after Jack's spell backfires on him after his encounter with Pitch in the forest, does Jack lose his memory?

For a while, yep! He regains it after a while.

quietlykeen whispered:
Hey! So I recently found a picture of yours on google images/ a rotbtd harry au pic and posted it on my blog without crediting you because I didn't know you who drew it. But I asked in the comments for people to let me know who drew it so I could credit the original artist. Basically, you have very awesome followers because within 24 hours I got seven messages all telling me that you were the awesome artist! The credit has been given, but I thought I would let you know. Have an awesome day!

Ah, thank you! Sorry for getting back so late, I’ve been on a ROTBTD hiatus due to.. reasons. Many of them.

I really do have the nicest followers :’) 

Have you seen Frozen yet? I came up with the idea that Anna is Gryffindor (With many Hufflepuff qualities) and Elsa is Ravenclaw. I figured Kristoff is Hufflepuff and Hans is Slytherin.

I have seen Frozen! I’m doubtful I will be including them into my AU (as much as I do ship Elsa/Jack, and also have the headcanon that Elsa+Anna are Jack/Punzie’s kids… multishipping is hard). I quite agree with the house placements, though! :) 

I love your AU, and I've read the prologue~ Just a question, though, are you going to go with canon relationships (Rapunzel and Eugene, Hiccup and Astrid) or mix it up with the four? Personally I like the canon ones with Jack/Merida mixed in. Just my opinion!

I will most likely mix it up with the four, tho I do like the canon relationships as well (still.. most likely won’t play a part in my AU). Unfortunately, Jarida isn’t my ship, but I’m not trying to focus on romance in my AU! :) Jack and Merida get loads of interaction squabbling, tho, so relationships are more or less open for interpretation! 


BOO! New icon for the christmassy/wintery things (on all my blogs)! Even though I don’t celebrate it. 

I miss Jack Frost a lot, don’t you? I debated making an Elsa icon, but I decided I love our good ol’ fun winter spirit! 

lunalovequeer whispered:
For name suggestions I was thinking Ailean Or Ervin Mcintosh (Ailean means handsome, Ervin means beautiful) Aindreas MacGuffin (Strong (Originally thinking "Angus" (unnaturally strong) but then I remembered the horse is named that way) and Leod Dingwall (Leod means ugly, but I can't find anything else for him except for "Brochan" (broken) and it would be mean to leave him out.)

:D I like Ervin Macintosh, Aindreas MacGuffin and Leod Dingwall. Nice names! Thank you <3

I’ll update the character list when I get home P: 



Noooo no no you don’t just take something you see that you really really like, save it into your harddrive and then reupload it somewhere else, ESPECIALLY without crediting the source



If I want my frakkin artwork up on another social platform THEN I WILL DAMN WELL MAKE AN ACCOUNT THERE AND UPLOAD IT MYSELF

And if its ALREADY up on that social platform LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE and let people appreciate it from it’s original artist (or on tumblr, JUST REBLOG, IT WON’T KILL YOU), we don’t need you reposters to freaking put it up again no thank you please go straight to jail do not pass go do not collect $200

I am sick and tired of this and it deters me, more than ever, to create any more Big Four art work. Stop reposting my artwork. Stop. 

I’m really tired, guys. Please. Stop.